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Lawn Care Service Acworth, Ga

Lawn Care Treatment - Acworth, GA

Our lawn care program is our core service! We use a combination of granular and liquid treatments that are carefully timed throughout the year to achieve the best possible results. We use some of the best products available and will back up what we do with free service calls in between visits when and if needed.

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Mosquito Control Acworth, Ga

Mosquito Control - Acworth, Ga

Mosquitoes can get to be a real nuisance in Acworth, Ga over the summer months. Not only are they a nuisance, they are also vectors for many different diseases such as West Nile and various forms of Encephalitis.

We offer a monthly mosquito control program from April through October that will keep the population down by 85 to 90 percent. Dont let the mosquitoes keep you indoors all summer, Give us a call or request an estimate online

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Core Aeration Acworth, Ga

Warm Season Core Aeration - Acworth, GA

.Late spring / Early summer is an excellent time to consider core aeration of your warm season turf in Acworth, GA. We will typically offer this service May through July.

Aeration is a great way to break up excess thatch, which will help water and nutrients to be able to get to your root system much easier. This can lead to a thicker lawn for the summer in most cases.

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